ThoughtPress was initially founded as an independent publishing platform for independent authors, creatives, and wordsmiths–built on a passion for language, communication, and messages. Within two years of being launched to publish and promote Shadows Chasing Light, we began taking on projects ranging from web content development, to business plan development, as well as general copywriting and marketing communications support. We have slowly transformed our business model not only to meet the needs of independents and creatives, but also small business and medium sized organizations.

The sole goal of ThoughtPress is to to match skill, theory, and experience in a variety of industries to create solutions that will enable your organization to thrive in a competitive and ever-changing market. Whether launching a new product, expanding to a new geography, or building a new brand, we provide the strategic marketing services to achieve your organization’s goals. We build true partnership with our clients, working to understand your organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the utmost discretion. Through this close partnership, we ensure that our services are practical, relevant, and responsive to your most urgent needs.