Brand Development and Brand Management

Who are you and who do you aspire to be?

Most people would agree there is a lot more to ‘who you are’ then simply how you look—the same is true for a given brand. Your look, your feel, and the colors and logo are often called the nice the ‘nice and pretties’ in the marketing world.

We understand effective branding extends beyond the so called ‘nice and pretties’ and ties directly into your businesses development. Building a successful brand requires more than sophisticated visual brand identity—your brand ultimately drives how you go to market, and is tied into how you shape your organization.

Every interaction a previous, current or potential customer/client has with you starts to create an experience. From this experience, opinions, and ideas are formed about what to expect from the brand, associations are built, once they are built—they are terribly difficult to undo. Our goal is fairly simple:

We want you to know who you are. We want the world to know who you are.

Ok, maybe it’s not that simple.

Who you think you are, who you ‘really’ are, and who you want to be are questions that are central to branding, brand identity, and business development—and they must be explored. The answers provided play a role in building relevancy and ultimately help you decide why a customer should even care about your offering, whether it’s a product, service, or some other point of engagement.

In a typical branding exercise, we engage with you to help you understand this need for relevancy by assessing internal and external needs for brand development. Cultural aspects of the organization and needs/wants/desires of your target demographic are all explored.

Captivating visual brand identity, memorable taglines, and practical naming nomenclature are byproducts of in-depth brand exercises and are connected to solid business strategies .From market analysis, to helping identify key differentiators amongst competitors, we want to help you make sound judgments that ensure your brand is one that delivers. Some of what we offer includes:

 Branding and Brand Identity Development

  • Brand Questionnaires
  • Tone and Word Mapping for Brand Messaging
  • Naming and Name Nomenclature
  • Mapping of Brand Elements (Positioning, Promise, Personality, Story, and Association)

 Business Development

  • Market Research
  • Competitor and Customer Research
  • Data Mining and Gathering of Market Intelligence
  • SWOT Analyses to Aid in Market Positioning and Business Strategy
  • Identifying Elements for Mission, Vision, and Positioning


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