Strategic Writing and Brand Messaging

What do you have to say for yourself and for who you are?

At some point in its lifecycle, an organization finds a need for variety of writing styles and modes of communication. Copywriting, copyediting, technical writing and creative writing are all modalities of written communication that possess a specific intent and purpose. Writers are expected to function as technical experts, social media specialists with a knack for being concise, tagline gurus, and masters of brand articulation.

More frequently, organizations are searching for writers that demonstrate a keen sensitivity and awareness of business dynamics (internally and externally), organizational strategy, and market influences. These writers are frequently known as ‘strategic writers’—blending the attributes of many of the other modalities with the necessary business acumen to underpin (and pen) an organizations strategic focal points. This sort of strategic writing requires multiple hats and a solid understanding of business goals and objectives to craft copy and content that matters.

We have experience in providing strategic writing services for small groups, organizations, and medium-sized corporations, as well as individuals, consultants, and artists. Our philosophy for strategic writing is fairly straightforward:

Create Meaningful Messages

Once business goals are understood, the strategic writer is able to work with you to create meaningful messages that convey aspects of your offering in ways that matter to your chosen audience. Taglines, brand names, and high level organizational statements (mission, vision, positioning, core values…etc) must clearly articulate dense sets of information in condensed settings. We can work with, offering the following:

  • Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Brand Articulation
  • Tagline, Mantras, and Branded Messages for:
    • Logo Pairing
    • Tradeshows and Events
    • Advertisements and Social Media
  • Brand Name Selection Exercises and Assessment
  • Business plan assessment, review, and refinement
  • Web Content
  • Sales Literature and “Leave Behinds”
    • Brochures
    • Case Studies
    • Articles
    • White Papers
  • General Copywriting and Creative Writing

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