Who are we?

On demand consultants & advisors.

Every creative project is an exciting journey, and we love helping people with amazing ideas, bring those ideas to life. As creatives ourselves, we have a wealth of experience in identifying common obstacles and pitfalls, so you don’t have to. We are here to help and guide you through every milestone and challenge along this journey. Collaboration is the key to achieving creative excellence, so we are here to help you take your creative projects to new heights, together.

Our ‘sweet spot’ is being able to precisely apply diverse, broad skill-sets to each client engagement, while quickly navigating lean organizational structures that require multidimensional roles—think Swiss army knife versatility.”


ThoughtPress sits at the intersection of creativity, strategy, and execution. Our core areas of expertise lies in providing consulting and advisory to creatives, entrepreneurs, and all manner of big thinkers who are looking to bring their great ideas to life, but don’t quite know where to begin.

Through well-defined strategies, we establish achievable and measurable goals that allow us to generate dynamic, executable results. Our agile approach allows us to inspect and adapt mid-flight throughout the lifespan of project deliveries and still deliver consistent, quantifiable outcomes for our clients.

What do we do?

Fit-for-purpose consulting & advisory.

We are as passionate about creativity, as we are about the strategy, planning, and structural considerations needed to bring creative ideas to life, and to market. Our consulting and advisory services are designed to put this delicate balance of free-thinking creativity and ideation, and pragmatic realism to work – just for you. We collaborate with you to refine your concepts and ideas and help you evaluate the feasibility and profitability. And we can also work with you to create solid business plans, project plans, team charts and organizational structures, and even give guidance the operational budgeting you need to get things going. We’ll be by your side every step of the way; from initial ideation to execution and all the way up to launch.

Creative development work from concept to completion.

We can help you refine creative concepts and ideas, as well as establish your short to long-term goals and by helping you map out the milestones and objectives. This could include developing creative briefs, project decks, project plans, budget, and resourcing.

Aligning media and publishing strategies with objectives

We work with you to target, identify, and grow your audience and to make a big splash when you publish. This could include establishing performance benchmarks, or designing and implementing multichannel media and publishing strategies to support your objectives.

Event and production due diligence and planning

We want you to have the confidence and assurance that you can fully execute your events and productions without missing a beat. This could include location scouting, crew and resourcing needs, timelines and budget, as well as moodboards and thematic ideas.


How do we do it?

Tailored consulting & advisory

Our process is pretty simple. We use over a decade of experience to help you operationalize your creative ambitions. That means, we assess your future state, visionary goals, and balance it with pragmatic realism — providing you with the insight and guidance you need to get your big ideas up and running.

Our Experience

Project & Program Management

Marketing Strategy

Creative Direction & Ideation

Business Planning & Strategy

Performance & Career Coaching

Creative Direction & Ideation

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Content Strategy & Development

Taglines, Mantras, & Slogans

Creative Team Strategy & Structure

Music Publishing & Administration

Print & Online Publishing Platforms

Publicity & Marketing

Audience Acquisition & Planning

Storyboarding & Production Planning

Executive Production & Direction

Event Planning & Management

Site Research & Site Visits

Budget Planning & Management

Operations & Logistics

Learn how we put these skills and insights to work, for you:


Why do we do it?

Because we want to see you win.

We are driven by a purpose to see our clients and collaborators succeed. We are motivated by tackling new challenges and problem solving. We are here to help you move beyond your ideas. We work with creatives from all disciplines; from performance art to app development and everything in between.

When do we do it?

We’re ready when you are.


No matter what field you work in, we can help you bring your dream project to life. Every project needs structure and guidance to be achieved to its fullest potential. So let’s thrive together.

Are you ready?

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